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Hi, I'm Bekah and I would love to help you change your body into the one you've always dreamed of!


Workouts On Demand
This is your chance to arrange your own workout schedule! Life is busy and it often gets in the way of staying healthy and fit. As a member of you will have unlimited access to many creative and challenging workout videos using little to no equipment. This is a convenient and cost effective way to stay on track and stay motivated. I will lead you through the entire workout showing modifications for every fitness level. With new videos released each week you are guaranteed to never be bored. From express workouts (5-15 minutes) to full-length workouts (30 minutes-1 hour) you have the ability to customize your workout for the day. This is great if you are a busy mom, if you travel for business, or if you are the average gym-goer who is looking to switch up your workouts. You'll even save money on gas by exercising at home! Get "Workouts On Demand" with just one easy click!


Nutrition Info and Fitness Tips
In addition to the exercise video library you will also receive information, articles, recipes and tips about nutrition and fitness. Exercise and and a proper diet go hand in hand. You must learn to make these 2 things a priority and lifestyle. It's all about moderation, not extremes.

Variety Is Key
It is important to switch up your exercise routine! Our bodies are amazingly adaptive. As our bodies adapt to the requirements of our regular workouts the results start to diminish because our bodies become accustomed to it and stop changing and gaining. The best way to avoid plateaus is to constantly surprise your body by varying your workouts. As a member of you will have a wide variety of workouts to chose from. Different styles, sequences, and moves will help you burn fat, boost your metabolism, and build lean muscle!


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$9.99/month gives you unlimited access to all content including a full exercise video library, weekly workout recommendations, nutrition information, and fitness tips. You may cancel at any time.


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